Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheer for this, Tea Party Monsters

A Ten Year Old Dies of Kidney Infection.

A 10 year old girl died of a kidney infection, brought about by pneumonia, because her parents didn't have health insurance. They both worked. But they didn't have the insurance to keep her in the hospital. Because they didn't have the health insurance, this little girl, all of 10 years old, died.

Next person that spits "Death Panels" at me in the healthcare debate will get their fucking face broken. And then I'll cheer. After I spit on you.

Death Panels. They're gonna kill granny. They'll decide who lives and who dies.

So yeah. Cheer. Be happy. Be joyful. This is freedom.

Letting 10 year old girls die is freedom, because her parents couldn't afford insurance. This is freedom. Isn't this great? This is awesome freedom right here. I can taste the freedom.

You talk that shit around me, and your ass is mine. I'm fed up with this sort of ignorant stupidity. We have children dying to make an ideological point.

If you voted Tea Party, YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING THIS CHILD. God have mercy on your soul. Because I sure as hell won't.

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  1. Fuck...

    Is this what America wants the world to see of it? Because if it isn't, then they need to get this whole healthcare thing sorted, PRONTO!

    Although, sensationalising things by saying that an innocent child died because of the Republicans won't help. And I'm not gonna belittle your position with sarcasm because I believe in it. I don't much care for over-sentimentalising child-death, I'm a heartless bastard like that. But people need a state which doesn't leave them to FUCKING DIE of PREVENTABLE, TREATABLE ILLNESS.

    Thank god(dess) the British Tories aren't nearly as bad. Anyone tried to end the NHS, they wouldn't last 2 minutes in office!