Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yep, NAR're Really That Stupid

For newcomers, the New Apostolic Reformation (it's something like that; the acronym is NAR, like the hair remover but without the "i") is a particular breed of Dominonist theology. Yeah, I know that dealing with one breed of that theology should be enough, but bad things never come alone, they always feel the need to come in pairs, triplicates, or more. NAR (not the National Association of Rocketry; these people are nowhere near that intelligent) is the movement that aligned themselves with Bachman (no, that's not why this is post is titled as it is), and they're pretty determined to enforce their own twisted brand of God and religion on people. They are dominionists after all. However, they'd make horribly stupid villains. Really, it's an insult to us liberals that out of the whole mass of humanity, these are the clowns that rise to met us.

Over at Dispatches, Ed Brayton has a link up to the Right Wing Watch article about how NAR (not the National Association of Racing; they're not quick enough) are trying to hide their agenda. This is golden, really, it is. I want to take a moment to explain that this is what happens when your party's rogue doesn't take the Hide In Plain Sight feat and is trying to infiltrate the goblin stronghold - the goblins point and laugh at the idiot who thinks he's invisible.

Behold - the best way to hide your agenda is to throw it right out there were everyone can see it:

The goal is not just to have Christians in high places, but rather to have Christians who are called to be in high places step into that role. And wearing a "Christian” label on our sleeve isn’t the point. We need to learn to be "as wise as serpents and harmless as doves” and realize that stealth authority and influence are much preferred over overt authority and influence. A low profile diffuses resistance from the opposition.
In any other way, this would be rather scary. However, because Blofield was kind enough to elaborate on his dark plan even before the dumbass got us in his inescapable deathtrap, and then turned around and posted a YouTube video about it, I'm not entirely sure what it is they hope to gain.

Let's take a look at this agenda for a minute. Christians have been pulling this funny shit for years. That's why we ended up with things like Kitzmillar and Dover; they get into the school boards, reveal their true colors, and get thrown right back out again. This is like a cycle. They really don't understand why they could possibly wind up with their asses kissing concrete, or people telling them not to let the door hit them on the way out. Apparently it has yet to occur to them that anvillicious Christianity and stealth mix about as well as oil and water.

Arguably, this is still scary stuff, but in an entirely different way. There's an entire collective of humanity that lines up behind these men, and firmly believe that NAR is doing the right thing, by revealing their secret agenda, and their "stealth Christianity," to the world at large. Hell, why doesn't China just come right out now and announce how many spies they have in our government? This is an absolutely brilliant plan. It makes finding 'em and throwing 'em out so much easier.
Ever since the New Apostolic Reformation had its political coming out party at Rick Perry's recent "The Response" prayer rally, there has been a lot of investigation and discussion of the movement and the brand of Dominion Theology that is promotes ... so much so, in fact, that NAR-affiliated leaders have suddenly begun trying to downplay all their talk of taking dominion.

Os Hillman, the man behind the Reclaiming The Seven Mountain website, has recently suggested that activists should stop using the word "dominion" and instead use the word "influence" because "dominion" make the "secular media [think] that Christians want to rule the world."

On his website, Hillman posts pieces written by Johnny Enlow, author of "The Seven Mountain Prophecy" which asserts that goal of Christians ought to be to establish a "virtual theocracy" in which government leaders will also be religious leaders so that they can present "the nations of the world to the Lord as His possession" and bring about the return of Christ.
Right-wing Christians lying about their affiliation. What a shock

You know, what little respect I have for some Muslim Fundamentalists comes from the fact that they at least acknowledge what they are and won't lie to your face about who they are. "Yes, I am a Muslim fundamentalist. Yes, I hate the west. Yes, I hate Israel." There's a twisted amount of pride in accepting that identity. Right-wing Christians aren't like that. They don't even have pride in who they are. A right-wing Christian will flat-out lie to you. They will look you right in the eye and lie like a two-year-old who knows they broke the vase but is afraid of being punished if they admit it. There's any number of excuses or additional lies they'll make up - how they're a "persecuted" bunch, and how "Liberal McCommienazi will come after [them] and their guns and arrest them" if they admit it, how they're Christians to the extent that they don't have to actually do anything for their belief because they're scared of the two above reasons, any other stupid, nonsensical, outright ridiculous reason that only shows they have zero faith inserted here. What it boils down to, at the end of the day, is that they lack the fortitude to say what they mean to say. We see it time and again; whenever they accuse someone of being "politically correct," it's because they know what they'll say is wrong, and they want you to know that they hate you reminding them. So rather than not say it, and be a decent person, they shove the blame for them saying it off on you. This is just another example of that mentality, the "shirking the responsibility" mentality, that's so prevalent amongst them.

I like how he treats the second coming like spell you can cast, or a summoning circle. It's like that stuff you read about collecting cereal boxtops and sending them in for a prize."If you collect enough national governments, you too can summon Jesus!"

These people would make horrible villains.

Hey, stupid! You're at least suppose to get half of the cereal boxtops you need before we even learn about your nefarious plot for world domination by summoning the Second Coming! You're not suppose to tell us before you even get started! A post it on YouTube for the world to see!

I think I'm officially of the notion that the Right is trolling us with these people. They think so lowly of us that this is the best they're willing to throw our way. This guys make D-list villains groan and facepalm.

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