Monday, October 17, 2011

"Hate" Is Too Strong A Word

... but damn if I can't find a word that's only slightly less strong, that sums up how I feel towards the political right.

h/t Butterflies and Wheels, Digital Cuttlefish

One of the bravest people in the world right now is a 16-year-old girl from Rhode Island, who's protesting the display of prayer on a public mural. Well, it wasn't long before the Right-wing Lie Machine got their nasty little paws on it, and now FOX News is regurgitating it. I don't particularly care what FOX has to say, because I know it'll be nothing but lies and sensationalistic garbage with a right wing bias. Everyone except for FOX news viewers seems to understand this, which speaks volumes to the degree that Conservatives have managed to separate themselves from reality.

No, what I'm interested in is the comments. Now, there are few places on the Webbernetz prone to misogyny than FOX; The Free Republic, Rapture Ready, and ERV are a few that spring to mind. FOX tends to be a little more coached and "civil" (I guess that's the word?) about it, but once you get into the comment section, all bets are off.

This is usually true for any kind of board; trolls make it a habit to try and piss as many people off as possible. This is a given. On sure fire method to avoid this is to make users register. Most trolls can't be assed to actually register, jump through hopes, and then post. It takes too much time, especially when there are easier boards out there. It doesn't stop the determined ones, though.

So I'm fairly confident that any posters on the FOX news comment board is not likely to be a troll. Which makes what follows next absolutely abhorrent. Oh, sure, there's the usual comments - libtards, ACLU lackeys, and other fine examples of civility. Then we get to this:

I say just take her out to the parking lot, put on some gloves so as not to leave any marks, and just b e a t her selfish little a s s for her. If she tells on you, b e a t her a s s again. What have you got to lose? I can guarantee that throwing bibles at her isn’t going to help.
And this:
She should be removed…PERMANENTLY…Nothing here but a wannabe future aclu w h o r e….

And I feel like I ran headlong into the Free Republic.

I should remind you that this is a 16-year-old girl. Let me remind you again: 16. She can't even drink. She can barely drive. And here you have these savages fantasizing about beating her up and "removing her permanently" - take that one however you will. Because she objected to a mural portraying prayer.

Oh, but hey, don't let the libtards fool you. The conservatives are the ones who are really persecuted. This little girl is trying to take away their right to shove their faith in your face, and that's far worse than taking her out back and beating the ever loving piss out of her, possibly crippling her or inflicting brain damage, and brutally silencing her. Our right to punish you for being GLBT/GQ/Atheist/Liberal/Left-Leaning/Agnostic/Catholic/Muslim/Jewish (not yet - still waiting on Jesus and the Rapture for that one)/Anything I Disagree With is more important.

I taught teenagers her age. I'm writing a book about a teenage her age. If I had a teenager her age and they did something like this, even if it was something I disagreed with, I would be immensely proud of them. Because they took a stand, they were trying to feel out their identity, and they were developing their own belief system. The fact that it's a 16yo doing this is something our society should be very proud of. It means we're doing it right.

Those comments, on the other hand...

They make me sick, and they remind me of all the ways our society has done it wrong.

If you're not feeling the Christian love, it's because they aren't ramming it down your throat hard enough.

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