Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to the Liberal Freak Show: The Intolerant of Intolerance Edition

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever
The liberal freak show is coming after Michele Bachmann. That is not much of a surprise. Bachmann is running a very disciplined campaign, encouraging conservatives and running with a conservative agenda. But now the left is coming after her.
These words sum up the basic motivation of the right anymore: blame someone else. It's always someone else's fault. You can't be an adult and own up for what you said without playing that victim card so hard it knocks a hole in the table.

Apparently, Michele Bachmann should be beyond criticism, because she's "running a very disciplined campaign, encouraging conservatives and running with a conservative agenda." And because of that, the left is coming after her. You know, those mean nasty bullies on the left: the ones who won't let us enforce our religion on people. That left. The ones who won't let us cram our stupid faith in people's face every second of every day. Who want to force us to not force others to worship our Sky Daddy. That left.

Ah, but what was the purpose behind this sudden temper tantrum of self-righteousness and displayed lack of self-awareness?

The left wants to use the gay rights issue against her. Bachmann’s husband, Marcus is a therapist and according to the left, he has committed a horrible crime. He used therapy to help gays who did not want to be gay any more change.
That isn't a horrible crime, but it should be. It damages people; it creates lasting scars in the name of fearing some silly deity. How can you tell God is blind? Not because he's a blind watchmaker and it's part of the title, but because he always misses his mark. That liberal New England acting up again? We know God is mad because hurricanes and tornadoes destroy entire cities in the South. That's how we know.

Most Americans do not believe gay marriage is a good thing. Most Americans do not believe homosexuality (which is only 1-3% of the population) is a good thing, though most Americans are tolerant of most things.
The left is not tolerant. The left never allows dissent. To the horror of Americans, Marcus Bachmann once referred to gays as “barbarians.”
If you are a conservative you have been called much worse and usually in much more obscene terms, for being a conservative.
The opinion of "most Americans" is also often pulled out of the padded asses of White bigots. Note how "most Americans are tolerant of most things." Like what, exactly? Tolerant of people choosing to be Black? Of them choosing to be Asian, or them choosing to be women? Most Americans are tolerant of that, and it's pretty damn amazing too, because those people are so lucky we most Americans are tolerant of them choosing to be that way. And I'll tell you something about this guy's definition of "most Americans" - they're White, they're Male, and they fear a petulant sky fairy.

The left is not tolerant of my intolerance. They don't allow us to call them names, like barbarians, and then when we claim it's dissent, they point out that we're just homophobic assholes.

Oh, but poor you. Poor, poor you. You've been called names. You're the bully for telling kids it's okay to pick on their gay classmates because your Cosmic Cry-baby told you too. You call liberals treasonous bastards, you call gynecologists baby murderers, you call rape victims sluts. But don't ever let people forget that, because you get called names you're the victim. It's your rhetoric that encourages men to go out and beat up gays. Even though you're the power bloc, even though you're White, you're male, and your Christian, the mere fact that you were called names makes you a victim and we should suddenly drop to our knees, kiss your damn ass, and say we're sorry for calling you a name.

That privilege tastes good. It's one hell of a privilege to sit there and say that you're the victim because you were called a name. When there are others out there who are terrified of being beaten up, or who are beat up, or who are discriminated against, or who our who damn "society" takes a collective shit on; who get pulled over by the police, who spend their life in jail for committing no crime, who are told to suck it up and match what the majority thinks. But no. You're the victim because you got called a fucking name. Poor. Fucking. You. I feel sorry for you, can you tell? My bleeding heart bleeds because you got called a fucking NAME. I can feel your pain. I can understand, I can empathize, because there's no worse thing in this world than being called a FUCKING NAME.

You are not tolerant of my intolerance.

You are not tolerant of my intolerance.

You are not tolerant of my intolerance.

See, no matter how many times I say, it doesn't sound anymore intelligent.

So why does the right continue to use this twisted semantic game? It's so stupid. You cannot be tolerant of intolerance. The presence of intolerance refuses to allow tolerance to exist.

"Oh yeah? If you're so intolerant why are you tolerating my tolerance? By virtue of you tolerating my tolerance, you're not very intolerant, therefore, I can't not be tolerant towards your intolerance because you're not displaying intolerance by tolerating my tolerance. See how that works?"

There's a reason why I began this post with a quote from Orwell. The Newspeak semantic games often played by the right are why I did it. You are intolerant of my intolerance. You're not just trying to give freedom to slaves, but take our freedom to own slaves sorry, wrong century.
Liberalism cannot stand a real debate. Liberals always lose those debates. That is why they always resort to fear, intimidation, violence and mob rule to achieve their goals. We cannot let mob rule win.
For this, we must stand with the Bachmanns.
Of course. Liberals use fear, intimidation, violence and mob rule. Liberals refuse to debate - never the mind the fact that we never come to the table with anything worth debating anyway. Never mind the fact that, in our mind, debate means letting us win any discussion. Oh no, Liberals don't like to "debate."

In other news, the sky is purple in Teabagistan.

And it's for this reason, we must stand for freedom; freedom from religion, freedom from slavery, freedom from anti-gay therapy, freedom from bigoted, hateful conservatives, freedom from economic slavery, and freedom from intolerance. It's for that reason we must stand against the Bachmanns.

I'd also say it's for that reason we must stand against the Democrats, who aren't much better, and Obama, who is still running the secret prisons and torture centers of the Bush administration, but really, at this point, it's a choice between hemlock and arsenic.

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