Thursday, July 28, 2011

Uh... Whoa.

This one actually follows up my last post rather nicely. This particular comment, penned by a genius scribe over at the Free Republic sums up, in a nutshell (with emphasis on the "nut") exactly how extreme the position is capable of getting. Read this carefully.

[Re. what should be done about European Muslims]

White/Christian/Western Europeans know in their hearts what must be done.

Whether they will discover the intestinal fortitude required to do it in time — well, that’s the $64 question. Right now it doesn’t look all that good, but it’s not yet time to completely give up hope.

There _are_ political parties in Western Europe that know what must be done. However, they are attacked by the _other parties_ as being “racist”, “xenophobic”, or whatever. Yet if ANYone is able to “save Europe”, it will be the far-right-wing parties. NONE of the other parties will come around in time; indeed, amongst them, it will more likely be a question of which one surrenders first.

I’ve posted this before on FR, and I’ll post it again:

Western Europe has but two choices:
1. Boxcars, or...
2. Burqhas.

If Europeans do not choose option #1 in due time, they WILL have option #2 forced upon them.

That may go for us here in North America, too.

Just sayin’....
He's just saying, folks. Just saying that we should redo the Holocaust, with Muslims as the victims this time around. And, of course, because we all know that the Free Republic is the paragon of feminism in giving the choice that they want and allowing them to dress how they want without slut-shaming, right? Of course.

But don't worry. They're not xenophobes or fascists at all! They just get accused of it... for no good reason at all, while displaying the self-awareness of certain types of rocks.

I'm sorry. That joke was out of line - rocks don't deserve to be insulted like that.

There comes a point in every man's life where he wonders how certain members of his species can walk and breath at the same time. Hi! I passed that point about four years ago and just kept right on going. This is just another road sign along the way.

(quote H/T FTSDT)

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  1. Well, the replies tell you everything you need to know about Free Republic - one's just the word bingo and the other is a lengthy islamophobic diatribe that starts with "i think you are absolutely correct".

    I pray every night I have the strength to be a righteous gentile if need be, and the luck that others will not need anyone to be.