Friday, July 29, 2011

Pardon Me While My Anti-Americanism Shows

There's something deliciously comical about the whole debt-ceiling debacle. It's like watching a puppet master who's two sizes smaller than the puppet he's controlling hold an entire nation at gunpoint by putting  gun to his own head.

This is what happens when you perpetuate lies. This is what happens when you abandon anything remotely resembling reason to a small and vocal ~20-25% of the population who better serve society locked away in an mental asylum than electing leaders. Somehow, this small, 20-25% of the population managed to get their hands in situation far, far larger than anything they could ever wrap their childish, n00bish heads around. Boehner has somehow become the adult, and he's trying corral a group of smug, self-righteous children who believe that they're right and are utterly impervious to little things like "truth" and "reality."

And these children? They've admitted to trying to destroy the economy utterly to try and force balanced budget amendment vote. That's right - they're willing to destroy the world economy to get an amendment that makes zero sense (name a country in the First World that runs a balanced budget. I'll wait). Keynesian economics simply states that countries run a deficient during a recession/depression and a surplus during booming times. Is that hard to understand? It must be, because they're trying harder than hell to thrust this economy from recession into deep, deep world-wide depression. Let me repeat that - they're trying to destroy the world economy, or damage it severely, and utterly destroy this nation, so they can force a vote on a balanced budget. Let me say this one more time: they will risk destroying this nation utterly to force a vote on a balanced budget. Balanced budget for what? There won't be anything left. If the U.S. defaults on its loans, then Uncle Sam won't be able to pay anything; all those debts will come do and shit will turn ugly really fast.

I'm reminded of the Underpants Gnomes:

Step 1: Destroy Economy Utterly
Step 2: ??????
Step 3: Balanced Budget Amendment!

And you know what? Part of me hopes they don't succeed. Part of me wants to see them destroy this nation. Why? Because this is the nation that elected them. We get what we elect; we asked for it, now we're getting it. Watching these sophomoric twits blow their brains out in a Quixotic quest to achieve an impossible goal makes for good television viewing. The POG (Party of God) bent over backwards to romance these fools, and this is what them, and America, gets for it. We asked for it, now it's coming home.

Then I remember that it won't do any good. When it hits, it will hit, and it will probably be something that even the rich feel. And when it's something that even the rich feel, well... as a poor person, I don't know how bad I'll feel it. I'll lose my job? Maybe. That'd be wonderful given all of the bills I have to pay for. There wouldn't be any unemployment for me, or for any others, and I'm pretty sure that the approval rate of our government would drop into the single digits, if not lower. The rest of the world would feel the impact, and the economic Armageddon would spread like wildfire. If you thought what was happening in Greece was bad, you haven't seen anything yet. Oh, yes, and speaking of those countries that are not America - they'll feel the impact too, and it's not really fair for me to wish ill on them simply because America is populated by people who whiplash between "stupid", "lazy" and "misinformed" on political matters. Greece and other countries with bad economies will feel this, and they never asked for it. They never even got a vote on it.

If this happens, I think it'll be time for a leftist revolution in this country. We'll need to - we'll have to beat the far right fascists, who will be jumping at the bit. I have no desire to be a slave to some ridiculous theocratic regime who believes the Bible is inerrant and 100% accurate.

Of course, I remember it won't happen, because Obama has the authority based on the 14th amendment in the Bill of Rights to stop it; and if he doesn't, then this whole thing will land on his shoulders. He wants to make it a bipartisan thing, but you know what? Mr. Obama, you won't get that. You're playing ball with dumbass Randian untermensch who stop for nobody so long as they can continue to kill the system that they so willingly benefit from. They think they're better than you are, they're smugly superior, and they're assholes in general.

They won't listen to reason. If they did, then they wouldn't be Teabaggers to begin with.

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