Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Minnesota Pond Scum Redefines Evil

I couldn't read this whole article. I just couldn't.

Any regular will tell you that gay marriage is something I feel strongly about. It's equality, it's civilized, it's basic humanity. Teenagers and children are something I feel even more strongly about. Mix those two and I'm muzzling myself to retain civil - and sometimes I have a difficult time doing that.

Everything about that article is the exact opposite. Everything about the county there is not equal. It's not civilized. And it's not fucking human.

There are real monsters in this world. Real creatures who embody everything we were warned against. 9 teen suicides later and nothing has been done about the bullying - how can you even look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself a human being? How? When you have the ability to stop it, when you have the ability to  do something about it, you continue to gaze at yourself, with your self-congratulatory masturbation at how cool you are because you follow "Teh Holie Wurd of Gawd". Fling your polluted semen somewhere else. We're tired of seeing it.

And, in the meantime, teenagers die. They. Fucking. Die.

And you stand there and do nothing. A young teenage girl put a hunting rifle in her mouth and blew her brains out. A young man hung himself. That's 2 of 9. And nobody's said anything. Not a damn thing.

"Oh, but this natural. Everyone is bullied. You just have to stand up for yourself..."

Stop. Fuck you, Okay? Just fuck you for even thinking we need to perpetuate that. Just because it happens to everyone that makes it okay? No, of course not. So why the fuck are you defending the bullies, huh? Why? You stand there and take their side. How's that make you feel? You're responsible for killing these teenagers with your complacency, you sick piece of work. It's times like this when I wish there was a Hell, simply so you, and all you Godbotting sonsuvbitches would burn there. If there's anyone who deserves it more than the smug, self-righteous fuckers who stand there and perpetrate it, it's you, who stands there and does nothing, while defending them.

That Righteous anger is good. It's the best kind of anger there is, because it's the kind of anger that drives us to change - but the right kind of change. The change done the proper way - the legal way. Change to show these bastards that their ways are not welcome here. This should never be tolerated. Never, ever, in any civilized nation should this be tolerated. NEVER.

Let the spineless bastards that form this school board feel your anger: you can get a hold of them here. Let this collective of moral garbage know what you think of their spineless cowardice.

Death threats will NOT be tolerated. We are Liberals; we are left-wingers. Death-threats are something we do NOT do. We are NOT them. We are NOT as bad as they are, regardless how many times right-wing parrots regurgitate it. We can't let ourselves slip. We'll do this the proper way. We'll marginalize, ostricaze, and make it very, very clear that the school board is not living up our expectations in a civilized society, and we'll make it very clear they are not welcome. Because they aren't. And neither are many of the parents and the hellions in that community.
And neither is the Congresswoman from that District, and neither are the moral cowards who will vote for her, or anyone like her, in the up coming election. They are not welcome. We need to make this know very, very loudly.

This is sick. This is wrong. This cannot stand.

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