Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Face of Enlightenment

This girl is my hero.

Her name is Rachel Beckwith, and for her 9th birthday, she told people not to give her any presents. She'd been inspired by a speaker at her church to try and built up enough donations to give individuals one of the most important things for life: access to clean water. While she never lived to see beyond her 9th birthday, her selflessness has inspired others to give almost 130,000$US to the charity she and her church started, with almost 100% of the overhead going to the cause. While I feel horrible that I can't donate (I don't have the proper financial structure in place to do so - you need to have a paypal or a credit card to donate), I can do the next best thing by promoting her cause and helping others who can donate get the chance to. You can find her webpage here:

My Charity: Water

If you can donate, do so. Nothing is more important to the survival of humanity than clean water.

She's a hero. Rest in Peace, Ms. Beckwith. It's a shame that you weren't with us longer.

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