Monday, November 21, 2011

The Polichicks

There are days when I feel like Hank Hill. The best I can manage is "Damn it, Bobby." There are other days when I wish I could muster that scream he does; because if I could, I'd certainly use it here.

Behold, the horror that is the Polichicks.

Normally, I'd be busy groaning about how stupid that pun is. "Polichicks" = "Politics". Geddit? It's painful, but it's not nearly as painful as watching the video that Ed Brayton linked to. I didn't apologize for the song I linked to a while back, but damn it, I'm really sorry to subject you to this. So, to alleviate my conscious, I'll link you to Ed instead. He posted it - just remember this is his fault, not mine.

The Polichicks.

I wanted to watch the video, but even the most ardent masochist such as myself has a line we won't cross. I've thumbed through the RPG Fatal and tried to make a character. I've read through Timecube, from top to bottom (I gave up after he added a second page). I occasionally crash on World News Daily if I'm feeling nice and want to give the traffic. I used to swim in the cesspool known as 4chan (specifically, the random board), but I've not been there in along time and honestly, don't miss it. I simply could not bring myself to watch that video. Perhaps as I age I'm growing more sensitive to this stuff - that is to say, going soft - but whatever the reason, I saw the video, read the name "Victoria Jackson," saw someone that looked Michelle Malkin, and, to paraphrase, said "No fucking way." Malkin and Jackson are not my favorite people. Malkin in particular; I keep seeing links to her blog pop up on my news feed every morning and if I'm not paying attention, I click them, start reading, and then go "Wait. What the fuck am I reading again?" I kept looking for some redeeming aspect to her a while back, when I did watch the O'Reilly factor, but I can't find any other than "well, she isn't Ann Coulter." I'm not the only one to wonder that (another commenter on Brayton's blog asked if it was Malkin). Even if it's not Malkin (and there's a high likelihood it's not, but I would expect someone like her to be on there and I'm basing judgements exclusively off of appearance), the presence of Jackson alone is enough to scare me away.

I envision as being like The View, but recast with a crew of Right Wing wing-nuts.

I've read some of the comments over at Brayton's blog, of souls far more masochistic than myself, and from what I can tell, it's the usual diatribes combine with a new one that's come to my attention only recently - that Snopes is bought and owned by George Soros. I've been told that this one's been circling around the RW blogosphere for a while now, but apparently this rather silly meme is finally catching traction in larger circles.

I just find this so interesting. There are times I project myself in the future, or imagine that I'm an alien anthropologist, looking back at these times right now and trying to get a feel for exactly what's happening. As near as I can tell, this program, along with all other RW artifacts, are attempts by an entire segment of the population to shut themselves off from reality - a sort of purposeful but controlled break from reality. They've sealed themselves off inside of this hermetically sealed bubble, and by sealing themselves off, they're finding positive reinforcement in believing outright stupid things. This positive reinforcement and behaviorism is very effective on them, because morally very few of them are post-conventional. Most are conventional or pre-conventional. They answer to authority that talks like they want authority to talk. When they've isolated themselves, it doesn't take a lot to learn how they're talking, and then to step in, say all the right things, and win their little minds and even smaller hearts.What's more, this hermetically sealed reality kick-starts a feedback cycle of that positive reinforcement. In short, they're addicted to living in this hermetically sealed reality surrounded by lies, and like any severe addiction, it's got a feedback cycle that's really, really hard to break. It can be broken, but it takes empathy, it takes recognizing that they'll go through withdrawal, and it takes caring and the willingness to give a helping hand.

When these are the same people who advocate that entire segments of the population should be stoned/thrown in jail/discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, or want to burn down mosques, deport Muslims, and use racist commentary when they're not in public for fear of breaking the scared cow of being "politically correct," that can be really, really hard to do.

So, anyway, enjoy the Polichicks. I know I sure as Hell didn't.

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  1. I've thumbed through the RPG Fatal and tried to make a character.

    You what?
    A while back, I tried reading a sporking of FATAL. I got a third of the way through before giving up and felt unclean for the rest of the day. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or disturbed by your “accomplishment”.