Saturday, November 26, 2011

#Occupy: Bahrain

To the average American, the "Arab spring" is this thing we see on TV between reports about how loopy and spiteful our congress is being and what celebrities are dating who or going into rehab. We saw videos of Egypt, and we saw videos of Libya, and we got some info, but not much.

Of course, we're not seeing videos from Syria. We're getting the occasional new feed, but really, not much. Syria isn't an ally of the the United States, but neither was Libya, and Egypt was neutral at best. So, it's no surprise that we hear about that.

But what about the places that are the ally of the United States?

Let's take a look at what the "Arab spring" looks like in Bahrain, a close ally of the United States, and one generally considered a "liberal" Arab country (I suppose when your neighbor is Saudi Arabia, any morals more advanced than the stone age can be considered liberal). Keep in mind - the United States supports the regime in Bahrain.

WARNING: The video below the fold is extremely graphic; it contains graphic in images of death, mutilation, and general mercenary brutality. And even this disclaimer won't prepare you.

I sat through all 13:09 of that film. Towards the end, the mercs degenerated into general spitefulness an just started smashing cars and destroying property. If you couldn't make it through the whole film, you're not the only one - there were plenty on the FB page I found this through that couldn't. I found it difficult to stop once started, though.

It's most graphic towards the beginning, and if you're curious, that's what a high-velocity round looks like when it slams into a person .

Right now, I don't have a lot of words for it. I'll probably come back with something later, once I've fully realized what I just watched. In the meantime, I want to get this out there - this is what we're supporting in America. This is what happens when you militarize your police - something that's been happening for years here in America, if you ask any Black or Latino who happens to have the misfortune of occupying nothing more than their skin around American police.

Take a look. This is what absolute authority looks like. And it was only 20 men who did all this. If things keep going the way they are in this country now, it'll take a lot more than 20 of those men to bring the United States in line.

I doubt Sinclair ever imaged anything that brutal, though.

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