Friday, June 24, 2011

Hang Her High

Her name is Rennie Gibbs. She's 15, and had a miscarriage at week 36 of her unborn child. Now, because she had a miscarriage, she's going to be charged with a "heart-deprived" murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence in the only state with more consonants than common sense.

Rage in 3... 2... 1... 

Here's this 15 year old girl. She's a drug addict, she had a miscarriage, and now she's going to be tried as a murderer and stands a chance at life sentence. Where is the outcry? Why is this not on the news? Why, why, why? What the Hell is happening to my country? A teenage girl gets pregnant, has a miscarriage, and now they're trying her with murder? And they're going to put her away for the rest of her life? I'm sick. I'm sick with despair, and I'm sick with anger and hatred. I'm sick with rage; that black hole that sits where part of my soul used to be wants nothing more than to see the prosecutor, and the people trying to punish this woman for having a goddamn miscarriage ripped to pieces and fed to wild dogs. But that would qualify as animal abuse, and the wild dogs didn't ask to be punished. Besides, the animals are smart enough to know not to touch meat tainted by evil.

Make no mistake. That's what this is - this is evil. Pure and simple, this is heartless, bottomless, bald-faced evil. These are wretched "human beings." They are evil. I tremble with barely restrained rage; only my better sense of self (that thing that comes with being a liberal) keeps me from doing something stupid that I know I'll regret, or saying something stupid that I know I'll regret.

I may be a rare liberal, but let it get said that we do know hate. I can think of no better word to describe what I'm feeling right now than true, bottomless hatred. My hate is a righteous hatred; the hate that's driven by knowing there's injustice in the world and that injustice must be rectified.

At the same time, it's the liberal in me that makes me care about this girl, that makes me want to believe that this whole thing is a grotesque, Kafkaesque parody of justice and that real humans couldn't do this to one another. Maybe these people aren't real humans. Maybe they're cockroaches in human suits. But I know it's not and I'm forced to admit that they aren't; I know this is real and they're humans as much as I loath to admit it, and I know that, unlike the Penal Colony, these men in suits aren't just shooting off their mouth about unimportant shit - they're shooting off their mouth about unimportant shit that is damaging to our country. And somehow, these wretched beings managed to get into power.

Of course, those self-righteous assholes are impervious to criticism. The collective density of their skulls will make quark stars turn green with envy. They'll strike a victim pose, and claim that they're only "saving unborn babies" and we're the evil doers for calling them for being the raging asshole misogynists that they are. I suppose this is following their twisted, evil, rotten and soulless "logic" to it's conclusion; after all, they can't save babies if they aren't punishing those evil sluts for having miscarriages, now can they? Of course not. The fact that this poor girl has a drug habit makes it even worse; she needs help, not jail. She requires the humane hand of people who honestly care, not a bunch of self-righteous, impervious to criticism, inhuman Evageliban Mississippians with Fatwa envy. She should be helped up from the hole she's in - for the love of fucking God she's only 15. And these sick assholes want to put her away for the rest of her natural life! There's not enough exclamation points to express my rage, there's not enough words, not enough names, not enough bolded or italicized text, not enough of anything that could ally that absolute anger and rage I'm feeling right know towards this rotten state, it's rotten inhabitants, and it's rotten asshole government.

So, strike your victim pose. Claim that you're being unjustly persecuted as you punish a 15 year old girl for a miscarriage she had because your stupid-ass state doesn't teach sex education, so she could've avoided it. Claim you're doing it for "God" or whatever the name of that hateful Demiurge is you worship and try to ram down everyone's throat. Claim you're right, and that this is a righteous action, when the only real blood here belongs on the hand of your divine abortionist. We've got a 15 year old girl here, she had a miscarriage, and she's a whore! It's time to hang her high!

Edit: And Ms. Gibbs isn't the only one. There are other women. Pregnant women are criminals waiting to be charged. Pregnancy is a crime in America. Being a woman is a crime in America.
I am so sick right now I can't put it into words.
These men are evil. These states are evil. And they need to be punished - at the polls. Do you enjoy your rights? Do you think that women should be treated like humans too, and that they shouldn't be charged because God aborted their baby? THEN VOTE, DAMN IT. VOTE.

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