Friday, June 24, 2011

God Works in Mysterious Ways (Except When He Doesn't)

I'm still sick and angry about the post below. I'm still upset, and I still have more to vent about. The whole abortion argument is stupid. The whole thing is nothing more than a twisted, patriarchal argument to try and punish women for having sex. Maybe if you supported informed sex education, you'd have a point. Maybe then you'd have an argument. But as it is they don't. So they don't have argument.

Their primary claim is that it's murder. Apparently, killing something that looks like a blob of cells is murder. There's this bullshit about a "soul" but you know what? Tell God to get his ass down here and tell me that, because I won't believe you, you damn liar. You'd lie through your teeth to get what you wanted. There's nothing at all about abortion in the Bible; nothing. You have no Biblical leg to stand on. And before you throw rules at me about "not killing", how many times have you supported the death penalty in the past? You're not pro-life. You're anti-woman.

And while we're on this topic of the intersection of God and abortion, let's take a look. Care to take a guess at how many babies your God aborts each year? He's far more prolific than Planned Parent, considering Planned Parent spends more of their money on other services and less than 1% abortion service. And let's keep this angle up. God is all-powerful and all-knowing, right? Which means he knows that the woman was going to have an miscarriage. Which means that, by your words, "it's in his plan." Okay, cool. What the hell makes you think he doesn't know that a woman is going to get an abortion, too? He's all knowing, right? So he already knows. What makes you think that wasn't "in his plan," either? And in doing what you're doing, you're defying his plan? Or maybe you aren't, and maybe it's in Tzeentch's God's multiple of contradictory plans that make absolutely no sense? What if, and just if, you're full of raw bullshit in claiming it's "all part of God's plan" and you're just making it up as you go?

Of course, being a proud card-carrying member of the Coat-hanger Brigade means that you don't honestly care about God or religion. Strauss said it best, and he was only cribbing from Marx: you only care about controlling women, women's bodies, and teaching those nasty sluts that they shouldn't be having sex - God and religion's roles here are only for the purpose of controlling people.

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