Thursday, December 15, 2011

Right Wing Asshole Being Right Wing Asshole

This is certainly a "stop the presses" title. Gasp - a right-winger being an asshole? Do they come in any other flavor but asshole?

You get generic asshole flavor, but sometimes, they'll have a mixed flavor. Like "bigoted-homophobic-sexist" or "bigoted-racist-sexist" or you'll get the mystery flavor, where it can be any of the above, better known as the "Rush Limbaugh" flavor or the "FOX news" flavor.

Well, some guy I've never heard of before called Matt Staver has just earned his own, distinctive flavor of bigoted right-wing asshole.

Matt Staver would have made an otherwise unremarkable remark - I'm used to right wingers vilifying things they disagree with. It happens. I mock them for it. So here we are today, with Mr. Staver, who not only vilifies transsexuals, but throws the mentally ill under the bus right along with them:

We’re going to see this unless we ultimately wake up and stop this radical agenda, because what this so-called movement, they keep changing the alphabet around, now it’s LGBT and it’s LGBTQ, and now I just came across LGBTQQI, there’s all kinds of new alphabets to this, bottom line is this though: they believe that you should be able to be anyone you want to be in your mind. So, objective biology and physiology, how you’re actually born and how you look, really doesn’t make any difference. What makes a difference is what you think in your mind. It’s kind of like anorexic bulimia, obviously someone they believe they are overweight when they’re really not, here, if they believe that they are a woman and they’re really a man, well instead of addressing the issue, they want you to have some legal protection for it.
I prefer QUILTBAG, an acronym I learned over at the Slacktiverse. It encompasses everything quite nicely, really, although I know there are others who prefer their own acronyms. Nobody is arguing that there should be one, unified acronym for the movement, so it shouldn't matter whether there are 3 or 3,000. Of course, and I'm familiar with this, Staver is reaching for something to knock us with. And thus, he drags out three acronyms with the pretentious goal of making it seem like not even we're sure of what we want.

No, being transgendered is not like being anorexic or having any other mental illness. I'm both, I should know. Being transgendered feeling "wrong" about the gender that you were assigned, and a desire to correct that. Being transsexual is feeling "wrong" about your biological sex, and seeking a desire to correct that. You'll never have the body you want until you can just pluck your brain out and drop it in a new body, but we can get you the right plumbing, at least. It's small solace, but it's still a type of solace. And a few people are actually happy with it.

Being mentally ill is totally different. Being mentally ill does affect your self-image; mood disorders will become your personality, personality disorder will set the tone of your life whether you want them to or not, and formal thought disorders affect you on a fundamental metal level, screwing with your ability to think and respond to reality (and sometimes breaking you from reality, like a dissociative disorder). Anorexia is related to body dysmorphic disorder; you do feel like you're overweight even when you're clearly not. And it's hard to get out of, because, y'know, it's a mental disorder. Anorexia affects your life in ways that being a transsexual and transgendered do not, although it's true that "gender dysmorphia" used to be (or maybe still is) listed as a disorder. There's no surgery I can undergo that will make me happy as an anorexic person.

A simple distinction: with anorexia, your thought process and body image runs the risk of killing you. With transsexuality/transgendered, your thought process and body image runs the risk of getting you killed.

And some people do address the issue. That's why they have the surgery, blockhead.

The previous element to this rant was this particular gem:
But even if they bring Natalie back that fixes one problem, but the big problem and the major problem is this policy. As you mentioned before the break, this really puts every woman at risk. A father doesn’t want to take his twelve, thirteen year-old daughter there to go to Macy’s and let her go into a woman’s fitting room, not knowing whether there may be some pedophile, pervert, or some other kind of person who’s waiting to do a sexual assault on this young woman, or your wife. Any woman does not want to go into a men’s restroom, a men’s fitting room, or a woman’s fitting room, thinking that they may be watched by a peeping tom or even worse, sexually assaulted or raped, and in fact this is a liability waiting to happen and Macy’s needs to fix this problem.
The reason behind this rant was some bigoted lady who got her ass fired for stopping a transsexual man from entering the lady's changing area with her friends. The end result of this was the bigoted lady getting canned, for the betterment of all humanity.

Did you ever notice who it's always the young woman or your wife? There's a lot of unisex bathrooms in this country and I've not heard of it happening before. And if you look at the changing areas, is there any real way that you can tell the difference between a male and female area? What's the purpose of even breaking them apart?

So let's see here - we have bigoted transphobia, ablism, and sexism - Damn. All we're missing is racism.
This is a trifecta, girls, boys, everyone in between and everyone who's neither.

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