Monday, December 19, 2011

Racism on Parade - Tea Party Edition

We know that the official stance of the Tea Party is one of thinly veiled racism. Sure, they can claim otherwise, and maybe there are a few honest members who legitimately aren't racist (no, wait. They're libertarian. They're still racist), but if you take a bulk sample of the Tea Party, odds are good that you'll be getting a slice of the largest segment of Regressives in the American population.

So it comes as no surprise whenever a Tea baggers opens their mouth and proves that they're a racist bigot. In fact, I rather expect it. It's like a lying right-wing Christian evangelical, although I wouldn't be anywhere near as disappointed if these people just shut up and went away (really keen readers will notice the overlap. I'm sure this isn't a mistake - after all, God works in mysterious ways. Especially when the bulk of his followers on the Right are trapped in paleolithic period with a moral outlook to match).

So, lemme introduce you to Jules Manson (h/t Freakout nation)
I don't know if you can see that, but the real important parts of it are underlined in red. Now, I'm not the one who did that (I clicked on the Freakout Nation link and it lead to a photo album, so I imagine they were the ones who underlined in red), but I can use my less than spectacular vision to tell you what's going on in that image:

Jules Mason
If the government is allowed to use force on us while it erodes our constitutional protections, it MUST be countered with assassinations onto them and their children, and others in uniform who protect the state. This is because such psychopaths cannot be reasoned with [En: Ow! Fuck! The Irony!]. They are actually protecting their privileged positions in society, not our rights or security [En: Damn it, my poor irony meter...]. We must demonstrate that such treason will become too expensive to support. This is the only way.
We do have the power. We need to exercise it and drop our politically correct beliefs. For example, if ever serving on a jury for anyone charged with a crime against an elected official or appointed government employee [En: so I guess teachers and postal workers are straight up screwed then...] or any board member of a finance corporation, we must always protect such patriots despite the evidence. Always vote "not guilty" for these heroes.
Politically correct beliefs in not "stooping to their level" are not installed into us to make us moral human beings. They are indoctrinated for the protection of those who betray us. Turn the other cheek?! Fuck that!
This is dedicated to Shane Jones who still believes in that monkey [En: Obama].
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Jules MasonAlso dedicated to Michael Peat

Nicholas James BerardinelliWe knew this was coming... just one of the final steps in the destruction of our constitutional republic... BUT HEY?! HAve [sic] you seen the NFL standings? Who cares about the future, [sic] just keep track of your fantasy football league team!

Jules MasonAssassinate the fucken [sic] nigger and his monkey children
Well now, isn't that just charming? This must be more of that "post-race" America we live in.

Here's an interesting case. The spark for all this is the is the NDAA; the National Defense Authorization Act. I've blogged about this before, and yes, I do consider what congress did to be out and open treason. They're acting against the basic core of the Constitution, but then, if you're Romantic enough to believe that document still matters in a post-9/11 world, I hate to say it, but you deserve to be disappointed.

The new world order has no room for your freedoms in mind. There are very few situations are clearly black and white. The issue of freedom verses security is not one of them. One cannot be both secure and protected by a stronger authority figure and free at the same time. To pretend otherwise will force me to invoke of my favorite quotes by Benjamin Franklyn, which describes the current situation of America perfectly: those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither, to paraphrase.

So clearly, on the core of the matter at least, I agree with the complaint and understand it.

That's about where this ends though. See, while I'm bipolar and I do have moments where I can't control how I feel, I do make a very strong effort to control what I say. If I know that I'm in the cusp of loosing it because I'm so sad and depressed it loops back around into hate and anger, I won't say anything. Even when I am on that edge, I still watch what I say. So I agree with the core of the complaint. The saying congress is treasonous is legitimate. They've violated their oath of office to protect the Constitution and, at very least, everyone who voted for it needs to be tried and impeached.

Calling for the collective assassination of the entire body?

Weeeelll... that may be just a touch too extreme.

Turning around and calling Obama a "nigger" and "monkey" because he signed it?

I'm sorry, but get the fuck out. You don't have a leg to stand on. See, I agreed that the NDAA is bad. I agreed that it's treason. However, you can take your racism and shove it, because I'm not going to humor you. I can't take your complaint seriously anymore, because it comes across now as a Stormfront post. You had a legitimate claim. The calls for assassination were a bit much, and I won't back you there at all (in fact, I think I'll report you to the FBI for that. Better hope you get some of those "real patriots" on your grand jury), but you torpedoed your claim the minute you brought race into it.

I can understand being angry, and I'll support the anger so long as it's directed in a positive way. Anger is a powerful emotion. It's one that doesn't get nearly the respect that it should, but sometimes good things happen when you get angry.

This is not being angry. This is being hateful. This is obscene. These are the words of a clown that can't even win a city council election.

However, note that this is not the first time we've seen racist insults directed at Obama. In fact, it's like I started this post out with - racism and Tea go hand-in-hand.

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