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People Die In America Because People Die In America

File this one under "shaped like itself." (TVtropes link).

Frothy-mix Santorum (do not Google that man's last name) got an ear full from a young college student - two of them, in fact - and the results of the confrontation highlight the reaction that one gets when you expose a Republican to cold, hard reality.

I suppose I could go for the potassium/water analogy, as chemistry jokes aren't nearly as popular as they should be. However, I figure watching the chemical reaction unfold is more interesting than actually reading about it from a third person perspective. Behold - what happens when you expose a Republican to reality:

"God is very angry toward societies that don't care for the poor," student Ryan Walters began. "If not for our social programs, how can we as a society care for our poor?"

Santorum was quick on the draw.

"You go to Dordt College and ask me that question?" he replied with a shocked expression.

"Yes sir," Walters said.

The candidate turned to the audience and immediately asked who they think should be responsible for helping the poor. After he got the answer he was looking for –that it's up to each individual (which was second to the audience's first answer, "the church")– the student spoke up again.

"With all due respect Sen. Santorum, I don't think God appreciates the fact that we have 50-100 thousand uninsured Americans dying due to a lack of healthcare every year."

"Dying?" Santorum shot back, seeming genuinely taken aback.
"I believe that is a statistic," Walters said.

"So 50 to 100 thousand Americans are dying due to lack of healthcare?"
"And preventable diseases, yes sir."

"Healthcare and preventable diseases? Where did you get that number?"

The student said he believed it was from "statistical evidence."

Santorum said people "don't get statistical evidence from thin air" and said, "I reject that number completely, that people die in America because of lack of health insurance. People die in America because people die in America. And people make poor decisions with respect to their health and their healthcare. And they don't go to the emergency room or they don't go to the doctor when they need to. And it's not the fault of the government for not providing some sort of universal benefit."
See? Republicans are so used to pulling numbers out of their own asses that they're sure other people do the same, even when they don't. I've commented before on the death of Americans due to preventable illnesses because they don't have health care. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this is a problem in America. Leaving off the fact the Church shouldn't be responsible for a midnight shift at a 7/11 store much less the personal health care a millions of people who can't afford it, and as a private entity, is free to discriminate against those that it doesn't support (for instance, Black people), that response is utter contrite stupidity. People who think that are really stupid. There's no other way to put that - you live in some kind of naive Jesus where everyone will be treated equally (because you're treated specially), and Jesus Magic will heal everyone or some stupid shit like that. So if you believe that, go whine somewhere else that the mean old liberal would rather insult you than put up with your stupidity for the nteenth time.

The actual figure for preventable deaths, by the way, is 45,000 people a year. It's less than what he guesstimated (50 to 100 thousand) but still worse than any other industrialized nation on the whole fucking planet.

I love Santorum's response. To sum it up in so many words: "I reject your realty and substitute my own."

And he proceeds to do that. So next time you have cancer, next time you can't afford the treatment for the flu and you're afraid it's going to turn into pneumonia, just remember what 19th century author Horatio Alger, Jr. said: It's your own fucking fault, slacker. Bootstraps, shoes, and pulling yourself up. Now. The American Dream is working 24/7 until you get sick and die, with no vacation, no health care, and no government regulations to ensure you're being paid what you're worth, and knowing that your children will have the same fate. And it's your own fault... for apparently choosing to continue to live in a country where idiots run the show. I don't know. I can't even really blame you for that, either, because you didn't choose where you were born. Odds are, you'd hit the high ground for greener pastures too if and only if you could, you know, afford it.

Later, Frothy Mix got hit with this question:
"You talked about how this would be a hit to faith family and in America. What are some
concrete things that you would say would happen if gay marriage was legalized?"

Santorum turned the question on him. And did so repeatedly.

"Can you contemplate any?"

"I beg your pardon?" Kornelis replied.

"Can you contemplate any?"

"I can't think of–"
"You can't think of a single thing?"

"A consequence..?"
"You can't think of any consequence?"

"Really? Wow," Santorum said, sounding bewildered. "Um okay, well let's see if we can have a discussion ... Let's look at what's going to be taught in our schools because now we have same sex couples being the same and their sexual activity being seen as equal and affirmed by society as heterosexual couples and their activity. So what's going to be taught to our people in health class in our schools? What is going to be taught to our children about who in our stories, even to little children, what are married couples? What our families look like in America? So, you are going to have in our curriculum ... a worldview that is fundamentally different than what is taught in schools today. Is that not a consequence of gay marriage?" [En: At this point, I would say "I asked you for facts, Mr. Senator. Not to stand there and make shit up." but I wasn't there, so I couldn't.]

Kornelis responded, saying, "Whether gay marriage is legalized or not, there is still going to be gay couples. That is not going to change."

"I'm not talking about–" Santorum started. "Well, what is going to be taught in our schools? In our public schools in our institutions?"
"I don't think it is going to be that much different than what is being taught now," said Kornelis.

"Really? I think you're wrong. Okay, in fact you have to know you're wrong because if we say legally is this type of relationship is licit and identical to other types of relationships than of course more of it will be taught because it is what the law says. Right now the law doesn't recognize this type of activity."

"Of course you will have to agree with me," Santorum continued. "Right? I mean let's be honest. You're going to have to agree with me that that's going to be a consequence."

"I respectfully disagree,"Kornelis said, at which point Santorum thanked him for his question and for "engaging in an honest debate."
"What's going to be taught in schools? You man if we legalize teh Ghey, buttsecks will be taught in schools?"

Cue proper Internet macro:

At this point, Frothy Mix would like to thank you for an honest debate. The fucker probably doesn't even know what one is, but he'd like to thank you for it anyway. Frothy's always gotten himself in a tizzy over the issue of marriage equality; he's made it a corner stone in his career to such an extent it's all the thinks about. 24/7. And he's determined to stop it from happening. Failing that, he'll continue to dwell on it, 24/7, until the day he dies. But he's that obsessed with it determined to stop it. I'd call him a baboon, but scientific evidence suggests that baboons are more intelligent. I'd call him a dog, but dogs are actually creative and cunning, and capable of masking their true intent (you know, like commies). And they're loyal (usually). I'd call him a pig but really, I'd never look at breakfast the same way again. So a frothy mix of bullshit and putrid degenerated refuse will be enough.

So yes, this explosive combination is what happens when you expose a Republican to reality. In short, they shuck and jive, and utterly miss the point.

"I can't think of-"

"You can't think of any a single thing?"

"A consequence?"

"You can't think of any consequence?"


"Really? Wow. Here, let me make up shit to look impressive..."

"Mr. Senator?"


"Move over right now and just let Romney claim the nomination. You'd be spinning your wheels in this race if you had wheels and a frame to attach them too."

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