Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The TRUE Middle Class Scored a Victory In Wiscousin...

Unfortunately, the actual middle class just got fucked over something fierce. It's like how anything good for TRUE America, the REAL America, is disastrous for the physical, corporeal United States (I should start up a corporation and trademark "True America/n", "Real America/n", and "True Middle Class" so I can laugh when I send cease and desist orders for trademark violations to the stupid people who run around saying this garbage).

I aimed to rant about how frustrating this thing is; I whip-lashed today between "well they deserve it for voting him in" and "how do we know this wasn't a case of fraud? In the lead up to the election there were all sorts of rumors of freelance right wingers out in the field lying about who could and couldn't sign the petition, or destroying petitions, of stuff along those lines - there was an entire FB page devoted to it. How do we know these people not only stopped there (providing they started at all)? How do we know they didn't fuck with the votes, too? And more importantly, isn't it really sad it's even gotten to that point?" I suppose as your country spirals down the toilet to 3rd world status, rigging elections becomes a natural thing, and I'm just jumping the gun (maybe).

I'm friends on FB with a group called "Being Liberal". You can gasp in awe now; I know that comes as a total surprise. Now that we're done, I occasionally get updates on my news feed from them. One of them was a letter that family members of a fellow friend received; the back story behind it is that they live in West Bend, WS., and they got this letter in their mail box today:

The letter is pretty straight froward - there's no signature, which is telling. After all, if I were a cryptofascist I would be too cowardly to own up to this attempt at intimidation and veiled threats, so I certainly could fault any other crytpofascist for not wanting to own up to it (the difference here being I'd never write something like that, because, well, I'm not a crytopfascist. I'm an anarcho-communist at heart and socialist in practice, and if you can't tell the difference get the fuck off this blog before you leave a turd in the comment and look like a total jackass).

What I think is funny, though, is that this jackass thinks that Walker is the Middle Class. I'm afraid whatever planet they're living in, it's not within our lightcone. I doubt it's within our reality, but see what I said above about the "(male) REAL (white), True (Christian) MURKA" verses the "corporal, existent concept and collective of people, male, female, both, neither, something different, mentally ill or neurotypical, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, Native, Muslim, Christian, Jain, Jewish, Hindu, et al., that makes up the United States". I may be reading too much into this, but that's how this reads. The writer seems to be under the perception that Walker, a Koch (the name is not pronounced "cock"; the IPA is /ˈkk/, which sounds something close to the "coc" in "cocaine") crony through and through, who like makes more money in one month than this dope will see in their entire fucking lifetime, is middle class.

WE have taken back the state. Part of me wants to say that this is subtle call-back to the Constitution: "WE the people..." but I'm likely giving this coward too much credit. Likely, the WE is capitalized because jackass didn't know that's what italics was for*. And we've taken it back from the corrupt and greedy public unions and their minions and gave it to the corrupt and greedy corporations and their minions. Meet the new boss; same as the old boss. There's got to be a rule against being this stupid; you'd think it'd be self-eliminating - I mean, you can only breath so much with your mouth before you suffocate while trying to eat, right? - but sadly, the Darwin awards will likely be cheated from this one.

Further more, I'll take the corrupt unions over the corrupt corporations. The unions exist as a combined entity of people trying to fight for pay of their worth and work hours that aren't something like 50 or 60 hours a week. At least you can change the unions. Unless you're part of the board, you're not changing the corporation. They'll park their tuchus wherever the fuck they want and there's not a damn thing you or anyone else can do about it. Because you suck, you're poor, and you're a loser. But hey, you sure as hell saved the middle class by deflating that life saver. Now let's kick back, crack open a beer, and watch it drown. Haha. I'm sorry. I mean let me, the wealthy, kick back, crack open a beer, and watch it drown. Now you on the other hand... I dunno. I need a footstool. On your hands and knees, plebeian. Just keep in mind - if you lick my ass enough, one day I'll even let you have the illusion you can be as wealthy as I am. You'll die poor and forgotten, probably from some kind of diseases that you couldn't afford to get treated, and you'll get shoved in a crematorium and burned because that's valuable corporate land you're taking up. Even in death, you're a hindrance to the corporation. How's it feel to know your life amounts to; you're lucky we're paying you, because we don't have to do that, so you'll take what we're going to give you and if you whine, you can go find another job. Haha. No, I'm serious. You're fired. Get your worthless corpse out of here and get a new body in here.

But hey, we saved the Middle Class(tm)!

If there were any justice, everyone who expressed their opinion would have to pay $25 dollars for it. Why $25 dollars? Did they set down and figure the cost of the election? Or did they just pull that number out of their ass?

You know what I'd do in this case? I'd be making myself a giant target, but I'd get a huge sign that says, in all caps so it stands out clearly, "I SIGNED THE RECALL PETITION AND VOTED AGAINST WALKER AND THERE'S NOT A FUCKING THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, JACKASSES!" But that's just me. I'm an instigator.

At least they mentioned neighboring states, rather than saying to get out of the country. Still, the end result of this is, as always, "We don't want your kind around these parts. So GTFO." I consider anyone who says this to be a protofascist; what this basically says is that we're not going to tolerate "deviant" opinions 'round these here parts. Everyone confirms; they think the same, eat the same, they're the same color and the same religion, and they vote for the same party. Like good little fascists always do. And in this wave of everyone being the same, nobody has to stand up and take ownership of anything. So they don't have to sign their funny little letters of intimidation. Like good little fascists do.

* - I have used capitals for emphasis on this blog before; but there's a method, and when I've escalated to capital letters, I'm doing the written equivalent of demolishing my vocal cords with a death metal scream. First is italics, which is my general way of expressing emphasis. Then is bold, which is a step above that, and then bold italics, followed by CAPITALS and then BOLDED CAPITALS. BOLDED ITALIC CAPITALS  is like having more than three exclamation points - surely a sign that someone is wearing their pants on their head.

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