Friday, June 8, 2012

And.... I May Have Been Right

Nasty Robo-Calls may have occurred during the recall election.

Specifically, these robo-calls that may have occurred told people that "by signing the petition, their job was done and they didn't need to come and vote." These are unsubstantiated at the moment and this is a story that's coming out of Wisconsin in the days after the Walker won the election. It's likely that if they did occur, Walker had nothing to do with it. It was likely some rogue, criminal GOP (synonymous? We're getting that way) or sub-GOP organization that did it.

How sad is this? We're taking it seriously. I'd love to think that Walker won this legally. But I just don't believe anything that the GOP says anymore. They could tell me the sky was blue and I'd have to check for myself to make sure. They've lied to their pin-head congregation and the whole of America for years. Ever since Bush was in office, before that, with Regan and Nixon. I would not put this beyond the special interest groups involved in that recall elections; especially in the wake of the FB scandals of people saying they were destroying recall signatures, or trying to impede the signature effort by lying to people. The real election fraud in this country is not done by immigrants. It's not done by blacks, or Asians, or Muslims or any other group that's routinely persecuted. The only group that (acts like it's) carrying out voter fraud are white Christian men. Maybe we need to start gearing our voter suppression "anti-fraud" efforts in that direction. "I'm sorry, you belong to this church? It's our understanding that this church has possibly, at some point in the distant past, likely carried out something that resembles voter fraud, so we can't let you vote. What do you mean your church only goes back to the 1990s? Okay, fine, your church doctrine, then. I'm sure that goes back further."

Republicans are some of the least trustworthy people on the planet. And they're so fucking blatant about it; that's what makes this really bad.

And before you say "well, anyone stupid enough to believe that deserves to lose", remember this: our education system is shit. We're not teaching our children civics. We're not teaching them their basic rights; these uninformed children grow up to be uninformed adults. If this happened, it worked, it's very revealing just how deeply our society has failed its people. It's not they're fault they're misinformed. They live in a society where they're bombarded by misinformation all the time. There are likely tens of millions of Americans who don't even know what their basic rights are. They were never given the mental tools necessary to determine what's true and what's not and in some cases, told the exact opposite. Their epistemological methodology has less substance than aerogel. This is not their fault. It's society's fault, and its the fault of the people - who are almost uniformly right-wing - that perpetuate this in society. Democracy cannot work in this environment. It won't work in this environment.

And it doesn't work in the United States anymore, either. The mere fact that such voter fraud can be taken serious shows that. Democracy? I'm sorry, we're all out of that. We exported the last little bit we had to Iraq, and you see how well that's turned out. However, we're having a discount sale of fascism in this country, it's 50% off and we've got both kinds - country and western!

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