Sunday, January 15, 2012

Homer and Codes

I've talked a bit about people who find codes in the strangest things. I plan to do a post that takes apart the whole notion of "code finding" in ancient texts - for instance, this BS surrounding the Bible Code. However, I have other things going on this evening, so I won't have time to.

But, as a prelude to it, my own proof that codes "exist".

I have a half-way decent knowledge of Ancient Greek. I'm self taught, so it's hit or miss, but otherwise fairly solid. Well, I sat down today and decided to see if Google Translate knew as much Ancient Greek as I did (humor me; I know here's a huge difference between Modern and Ancient Greek), by posting a few lines of the Odyssey in to Google Translate, in their original Ancient Greek, and translating them. Leaving aside linguistic drift (and the fact that 'c' isn't used for sigma anymore), the results were... interesting. And a linguistic trainwreck.

But make no mistake - if this is true, and it is, I am now a fervent believer in the Bible Code and Nostradamus. *sage nod*

Oh ye of little faith - if you think I doctored this image at all, you can click here and see for yourself :P

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