Sunday, January 22, 2012

As Promised! Human Black Box - Now As A PDF!

I burned the midnight oil for this - let this be lesson: Never put off today what you can do tomorrow. Or something like that. Anyway, after spending a couple of weeks intermittenly working on it, I'm finally done. I have collected the entire first part of Human Black Box into a single PDF file, done through publisher. I sorta wish that I had more artistic talent than I do, but that's what DAZ studio is for.

So - here it is. Human Black Box: Things Go Sideways.
I plan to do this for all of the releases of Human Black Box, but what I learned here was that I need to start sooner than a week before I promise it. Anyway, the document is released under the Share and Share Alike license, so if some Godforsaken reason you want to use the artwork or you want to use the characters, feel free - just attribute me as their creator. Everything else is the IP of Posthuman Studios; the folks who created Eclipse Phase.

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