Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Night Songs

Because it's Saturday, and it's late, and I've been going for a while (and I just had to pull 300+ dollars out of my ass for a damn student loan - and I've still got two more this month) I think so music is in order. So thus I bring you - Saturday Night Songs, a selection of some of favorite music that doesn't have any connection to what I've posted before.

This song was recorded in 2007, to honor the 20 year anniversary of the record label "Nuclear Blast," one of the leading labels for familiar figures in the metal scene and newcomers alike. The song was written by Peter Witchers, of Soilwork fame, and sung by Peter Tägtgren, the lead singer of the band Hypocrisy. The song is called "Schizo."

This next piece comes to us from an Italian band. The record label is Coroner Records, out of Italy. The group is called "Disarmonia Mundi," and this selection was recorded in 2004. The interesting thing about this group is that they lacked a lead singer; so they called upon Bjorn "Speed" Strid, the lead singer of the band Soilwork. Strid provides the primary vocals for two albums, including this one, "Fragments of the D-Generation." The song is called "Oceangrave.

This next song was recorded by a relatively new band out of Sweden. This is off of their first album, "Absolute Design." This band has an interesting back story behind them - Anders Friden is the creative genius behind this band, but it sounds nothing like the traditional work of Friden's signature band, "In Flames." The lead singer for this band is Magnus Klavborn, and the song is called "Calling Out."

This piece comes to us from Sweden, off of the album "Stabbing the Drama." The band is Soilwork, and this was one of their most recent albums (before the Panic Broadcast). The lead singer, Bjorn "Speed" Strid, earned his name from the extreme music that he liked to listen to growing up. Soilwork has been a fixture on the metal scene since 1995, but this album didn't come out until 2005. The song is called "Fate in Motion."

 This quintet of Danes formed in 1998, and underwent a change of guards when their old lead singer, Michael Bøgballe, left the band to tour America with another Swedish death metal band named "Meshuggah." After a few more shake-ups, they released their third studio album. The band is "Mnemic," a band who defies categorization into various genres, best described as a fusion of death, trash, industrial, progressive and groove metal. This song was their first single from their first album, "Mechanical Spin Phenomena," from the Bøgballe-era. The song is entitled "Ghost."

And because no selection of metal would ever be complete with out them - founded in 1993 by Clas Håkan Jesper Strömblad, Glenn Ljungström, and Johan Larsson, the Swedish band known as "In Flames" have come to define what metal means for the masses. The band has been going strong now ever since their founding and their first album, "Lunar Strain." Come 1995, the band, tired of just having guest singers, asked Anders Friden if he would sit in on vocals, and the rest... well, the rest was history. This song is from their 2002 album "Reroute to Remain," and is entitled "Minus."

I hope you enjoyed tonight's music selections - I know I enjoyed picking them out. 

Tune in next week.

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