Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scattered Thoughts

It's been a while since I posted, and while I don't have anything of any real substance today (I've been trying to disentangle to novel ideas in my head and it's not working because they're so similar, but so incredibly different, which is where most of my time and effort has gone), I do have some scattered thoughts to share regarding some interesting stories that have come down my way.

First up, the Kentucky TEA Party finally admits that they're racist. In other news, water continues to be wet and the sun continues to be hot.

However, this isn't such a cut and dry case. See, have you ever had a moment where you would've been better off if you didn't try to explain what you said, when what you said is very self explanatory and didn't require an explanation because everyone agreed with it? This is a similar case. You are greeted with "Yep, I'm a Racist", and really, it should've just ended there and it would've been perfect. Clear, concise, and truthful. But like any racist, they have to turn around (literally; it's on the back of the shirt) and deny it, and couch it in empty and meaningless words. This shirt is actually a perfect display of what the TEA Party is all about. It's two-faced, it's covered in empty meanings in an attempt to obscure the obvious truth to everyone, and you have to be a dupe with a skull density equal to elemental osmium to go around taking pride in it.

It says "Yep, I'm a racist ... according to the government because...
. . . support the Constitution
. . . support free speech
. . . support the right to bear arms
. . . support the Bill of Rights
. . . support Capitalism
. . . support no permanent bailouts
. . . support closing borders
. . . support our military
. . . support the Tea Party
. . . support Jesus Christ as my savior”

Because the government defines racism? I wasn't aware that the United States Post Office had anything to do with defining racism, but apparently it does. Anyway, dig the reasons why they're racists - because they support the Constitution (which they've never read), support freedom of speech (unless it's something they disagree with; as them about pornography. Go ahead), support the right to bear arms (above all others), support the Bill of Rights (because remembering all of them is just too hard, and the first two are exclusive), support Capitalism (which is to say, unregulated and unrestrained corporatism, because they can't tell the difference), support no permanent bailouts (they just support no permanent taxes for the wealthy class), support closing the borders (because that's worked so well in the past...), support the military (the idealized, cult-like image of the military anyway; just try suggesting that everyone who serves in the military isn't a hero and watch what happens), support the Tea Party (yep. That's one reason why you're a racist for sure, and the only one right on this list), support Jesus Christ as my savior (except, you know, everything he said. As my friend Starsinger likes to say, their approach to the Bible is summed up with; "Do you see this red text? Yeah, you ignore that").

So anyway, it would've been perfect. It was succulent and exacting, and then they had open their mouth and try to to defend it. "I'm not racist, but..." - this is the same thing. All I hear (or read) is "I'm a racist douchebag, who's scared to admit it."

I dare you to bring that shirt up here and wear it in Flint. You talk the talk, but walk the walk (or ride the ride, if you're one of those old people in the little Medicare-covered scooters crying about how government needs to be less involved in your life).

An older article from 2011; that liberal bastion known as the Washington Post basically came to a conclusion that most liberals came to a long time ago: Obama is really a moderate Republican. Again, in other news, the light continues to travel at 299,792,458 m/s. I've been saying this for a while now; anyone who thinks Obama is some sort of radical socialist needs a reality check, because to them, anyone to the left of Genghis Khan must seem like a flaming liberal.

Thirdly, I found this really cool Periodic table. I was looking up information on the Period 8 elements today (that is, elements that are hypothesized to exist but may or may not actually exist) to find out what some of the theorized properties are, but I'm stumped by the lack of chemistry in my background. It doesn't include the Period 8 elements, but what it does do is it links you to the Wikipedia article on all of the known elements, and gives you the orbitals and the properties of the elements. The properties tab is the coolest (or hottest) because there's a slide ruler that you can pull back and forth, increasing the temperature or decreasing the temperature. As you increase or decrease the temperature, the elements will change their color to represent whether or not they're a liquid, gas, or solid at that temperature. At absolute zero (0 K) Helium is the only element that's not a solid (liquid Helium is cold). I imagine that's theorized, because the thought of something that moves at 0k suggests that our knowledge of thermodynamics may not be complete and that there's a whole different world down there around 0k (we already know elements act really strange at around that temperature; you end up with superatoms, Bose-Einstein condensates - which may be the same thing, but I'm not sure myself, and others). Chemistry is one of those fields where I get shocked when I realize just how little I know about it, despite having spent almost 3 hours at work with another computer work-study tutor trying to solve a chemistry problem with a student (one chemistry problem) - that we managed to solve correctly, too, mind you.

Anyway, the slide ruler is simply one of the coolest things that I've seen today, so I figured I would share.

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