Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spare Me Your Indignation

Christians - Real True Christians, anyway - shouldn't have the right to complain about anything anymore. Apparently they don't know how to use it, and it gets abused at every turn.

Case in point: Mt. Vernon, home of the crackpot teacher who burned a cross into their student's arm, John Freshwater, has had another religious dust up. Apparently, prayer was removed from the agenda of the city hall meeting. Because, you know, praying before a city council meeting doesn't exclude anyone at all. I'm sure it was one of those bland, faceless, religion-neutral prayers that satisfies no believer and is offensive to everyone. I mean, to do otherwise would be exclusionary. Not that these folks have a problem with exclusionary; why, special pleading is what they do best:
“I think it’s pathetic,” said local religious advocate Jeff Cline, who approached council members and demanded answers that night. “We keep kicking God out of everything.”
Boy, if only.

I mean, how much more indignant can you get, than to complain that prayer was removed form the agenda and "God was kicked out of everything" when, rather than the usual 10:30 time, the city council held said prayer at 10:28.

 A whole two minutes early.

But can you feel it? The Mt. Vernon city council is helping to kick God out of everything by holding the prayer two minutes early. By holding the prayer two goddamn minutes early, they're kicking it off of the agenda.

Oh, but never fear: the local windup tools are ready and willing to help with the spread of their all too real indignation, over this imaginary and victimless offensive:

The public outcry and debate in Mount Vernon began less than 24 hours after the meeting ended. “ Prayer Shut Down at City Council Meetings?” someone posted on the anonymous online forum “ONE person complained, and *poof* — prayer is no more.” The post garnered more than 70 responses.
That's right. One person complained as *poof* - it was held two minutes early.

If they're throwing this big a tantrum because it was held early, imagine the epic temper tantrum we'd get if it they were two minutes late.

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