Monday, August 27, 2012

Being Poor, Part 2

Being poor is being afraid to actually get a medical issue checked out, because you know that your insurance either won't cover all of the medication or even with insurance covering it, it's going to put you behind several weeks on your finding.

Being poor is hearing the word "surgery" and "surgeon" and feeling your heart sink because you know you're never going to have the money to take care of it.

Being poor is looking at your bank account and really wishing you could get that check ahead of time, because goddamn you need the money.

Being poor is posting any kind of trip that you would use to recover yourself or renew yourself after a long and hard quarter indefinitely when you find out that you're ill, and knowing there's not a thing you can do about it.

I'm still suffering from that sinus infection, but I went to the doctor today and learned something else, too: there's a problem with my ear. Thankfully, it's merely impacted earwax, something that can pretty well and truly be dealt with cheaply, but the resident that was working with me scared me when he said "referral to a ENT surgeon" (ENT means Eyes, Nose, and Throat, for those who don't know). I managed to get away with just 60 dollars in medication, and I haven't seen a pay check in better than three weeks and still need to get my oil changed on my car. And I got off lucky.

No, wait. I didn't. By the standards in the United States I got off lucky. But the United States doesn't set these standards anymore.

I'm tried of being thankful for what I have. I'm tried of hearing "You're lucky because..." No. If I were lucky, I'd be living somewhere that wasn't the United States. I'd be living somewhere that wouldn't heft all this shit on me, when I don't even have enough money to get out out of the fucking house on my own.

People say civilization is going to fall; our economy, or society, is built on a pyramid scheme. The pyramid scheme that capitalism built.

Well, hurry the fuck up. Someone put this miserable beast out of its misery, already.

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