Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seven Dirty Words, Seven Moral Sins

What are the seven dirty words of the modern era? According to Pat Buchanan (WARNING! WND Link), their numbers include "sexism," "racism," and "homophobia." I'd like to expand that list to a whole new list; to replace the original Seven Deadly Sins with a new set that are more relevant to our society.

1. Sexism
2. Racism
3. Homophobia
4. Transphobia
5. Ableism
6. Classism
7. Nativism

That list is in no particular order; it's just as they came to me.

Personally, these are more grievous sins than what Pat lists, which include "filthy talk",  like calling Pat a fucking bigot with his head shoved up his motherfucking ass, or immoral conduct, which means enjoying your life and living how you want to within the bounds of others. In fact, I've come to believe that of all the great sins in society, "morality" as is commonly used is the greatest of them all. To call yourself "moral" is to say that you're standing against everything that a good society should be. To say you are "moral" means that you believe uninsured 20yos should die from preventable illnesses. To say you are "moral" means you're all about shoving your nose in business that does not concern you, including cramming your twisted "values" system down other people's throats. To be "moral" means preaching from the street corner about your faith, and forcing others to follow rules you yourself do not abide by (for instance: when was the last time you cleaned mold from your house? The Bible has some very detailed rules about dealing with mold. If you're a Biblical "literalist" then you'd better be following those rules, which includes getting a rabbi involved; these aren't like dietary laws, which you can say "Jesus excused them". No, Jesus said jack all about mold. Which means you're not excused from following those laws, "inerrant literalist"). Moral means making innocent mothers in Texas suffer for 48 hours because they need an abortion for a medical reason, because in your backwards imagination the only women who get abortions are women who aren't having sex with you who are horrible, horrible people that won't let you control their sex lives who are hussies (based exclusively on an assumption; there are women who have abortions because they made a mistake and they're not ready to be mothers yet - more power to them. That's a mature decision and it's one they deserve support in. You have no right to assume or know which reason it is, because it's none of your fucking business.)

So yea, verily, when thou whines about a decline in the moral fiber of this nation I cheer. Because if that's what moral means, we need less of them.

"You'll get yours. You just wait."

Scare me again with your sky fairy. If there is a God, and he is the architect of these archaic rules and all this hate, then he'll deserve it when I stand before the gates and knock his fucking lights out.

I highly doubt that kind of God exists, though. I doubt any kind of god exists, but that particular one - no, I'm pretty sure he's not real.

So, there the new, Seven Deadly Sins for the modern age: Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Ableism, Classism and Nativism. Preach it high and wide; it's time we Sinners showed the Saints just how twisted and fucked up they really are.

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